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Creating websites - Drupal CMS

Drupal is a content management system (abbr. CMS) which enables the user easy publication, management and organization of the page content. It is equipped with functions which offer, i.a. system of blogs, environment dedicated to cooperation upon a project, foras, bulletins, picture galleries or possibility to upload or download files.

The system of segments and taxonomy is a distinguishing feature of Drupal 7. Taxonomy is an extended module to organize the content by categories, however, its application is much more extensive. The basic Drupal version includes functions which are common in the majority of CMS, namely: account registration and system maintenance, system of menu management, RSS and panel of system administration.

Drupal has one of the biggest (if not the biggest) base of free modules which might be downloaded. As far as the technical support and project society are concerned, support of active and potential users is very strong. On the main project website, the gallery of websites created with the use of this system, extensive documentation, textbooks and other elements needed to adapt CMS system to individual preferences are presented. The number of modules is vast and it enables applying Drupal to almost every task. However, let’s not conceal the fact that this requires much more advanced skills.

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